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5 Steps To Creating A Marketing Persona

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel

Mar 26, 2014 6:32:00 PM


Who is your customer?  

Before you can develop a successful marketing strategy, you need to know this.


It makes sense to gain an understanding of who exactly you want to sell your product or service to, and what makes them "tick". 

Let's spend some time developing a framework for building your marketing personas.




Know your customer
If you were going to buy a gift for your mother you'd likely know her likes and dislikes. The types of books she would read, a favorite restaurant, what stores she might shop in, perhaps a hobby. This would allow you to select the perfect gift.

Knowing your personas, and about their demographics can better provide insight into what product or service may interest them, what they may not like, or ever want, and what would be on the top of their "must have" list.

Leisure time
How does your prospective customer spend his or her time?

If Social Media sites like Facebook or Twitter hold their interest, that then becomes the perfect site for you to find them or market them.

Let's say you sell pink shoes. Searching on social media for conversations relating to pink shoes just might open up a new audience. This information will direct you as to where your content shoulkd go.

Sell cookbooks?
Find food blogs and strike up a converstion there.
Leave a comment on a blog linking back to your website.

Make a list...

  • Who do you want to market to?
  • Where can you find him/her/them?
    • Build website pages for that persona
    • Individualizing content makes sense!
  • Create lists of interested prospects and market them directly

Don't have that capability with your current website?
We'd love to speak with you about building a website on our favorite platform.


Get in touch if we can help!

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