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A Guide To Analyzing Your Marketing Efforts with Smart Marketing

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel

Jun 18, 2014 7:48:00 AM

Drilling_down_into_your_marketing_data_with_Bonnie_BDRILLING DOWN DEEP into your marketing data...

How to analyze your efforts and understand what's working and what's not. 


You work hard to drive traffic to your website, create brilliant campaigns that will hopefully bring in business, and then, at the end of the day, you're just not sure.


So, then, how do you analyze your marketing efforts?






Any small business owner needs to have an understanding of what his or her goals and accomplishments are. In this blog post I'll attempt to get you thinking about this not-so-easy but oh-so necessary process and show you how setting up a marketing plan will help you be a smart marketer. 

Small biz marketing starts with focusing on your goals.
Goals may be established on many fronts:

  • Website traffic
    • Viewing of key pages
    • Blog subscription
  • Leads
    • Completion of forms
    • Downlloading of E-Books
  • Sales
  • Retention
  • Growth

How do you apply smart marketing? Glad you asked!

Ok, so now you have a starting point. How do you gather information to make a determination if you're "hitting the mark? Let's achieve marketing success!

  1. Analyze your website traffic
    1. Does your website provide the tools to enable this?
    2. Google provides Analytics that you or your webmaster can embed code in the HTML head of your Landing Pages. This code will mark submission of forms and confirmation of a task completion.
    3. Software such as Alexa will help you get a handle on your website traffic.
  2. Analyze your sources
    1. Where does your traffic come from?
      1. Social Media
      2. On-line and Off-line advertising campaigns
      3. Repeat customers
      4. Organic search results from properly optimized web pages
      5. Newsletters
      6. Direct Mailings
      7. "Cold-Calls" or "Cold-Emails"
    2. What can affect your traffic?
      1. Seasonality
      2. Weather-related types of businesses
      3. Economic Factors
      4. Business Cycle
      5. Effort  (Has marketing programs changed or stopped?)
      6. Website malfunction
    3. Traffic trends
      1. Keeping your finger on the pulse of your business, it's clearly important to know if your traffic is increasing, how it compares to the previous month and year-over-year.
      2. Work on increasing your trends of 3 top sources:
        1. Organic
        2. Social Media
        3. Referrals
          1. If there was a particular trend that grew,  break it down further to better understand what caused that growth.
          2. Was there a specific campaign that succeeded?
            1. Get granular and take the process that made this success and use it again!
          3. If a trend failed, further resesarch is indicated.
    4. Empty holes and gaps in your Marketing...
      1. Website Traffic and Leads are your key issues here.
        1. Determine the status of your website traffic and thus the leads you're converting.
        2. Is there a strong ratio of increased/decreased traffic and leads?
        3. If yes, you need to review your website to better understand why there's a drop-off
        4. Try A/B testing.
          1. Choose a previously well-trafficked page.
          2. Create a similar page, adequately optimized and swap it out for an existing website page OR use is in some of your online advertising to compare the results.
            1. This can be best achieved with a PPC search engine marketing campaign. 
        5. Set up a SMART Goal with SMART Marketing
    5. Outline your Success Plan
      1. Increase Website Traffic 
        1. Increase participation in Social Media 
        2. Blog...often!
        3. Track  and optimize for long-tail keywords 
      2. Improve Lead Generation
        1. Use Calls-To-Action on Landing Pages
        2. More A/B Testing
        3. Optimize your pages
        4. Create Thank you landing pages adding more relevant information about your offer

Implementing strategies like this require a good understanding of not only the steps required but the reasoning behind them. The science of crafting a well-thought marketing strategy takes time and effort. 

Hope this helps!

Bonnie B offers a free marketing evaluation of your small business.

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Until next time,
Would love to hear your comments!


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