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Best Practices in On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel

Apr 22, 2014 5:46:00 PM

Take_the_right_steps_to_optimize_your_blog_posts_for_searchWhy, you ask, do you need to optimize your content? 


The better question you might ask, perhaps is why you need to optimize what you write.

Here are some points to keep in mind when optimizing your content for search.




SEO or search engine optimization is seen by many as a mystery, something that baffles many people, obtuse in nature and often interpreted as totally unnecessary. If you want our friendly search engines to pick up your content, you need to write accordingly and in a proper manner.

Here are a few useful blog posts that I wrote that may be helpful. This post speaks about your website design and what you should keep in mind when creating your site. There are links to other posts at the end of this post.

You're ready, rolling up your sleeves, you anxiously sit in front of the computer, arms poised, fingers prompted, and realize that you don't know quite what to do. So, let's make a list...

  1. Choose a keyword or long-tail keyword that will be the focus of the website page.
  2. Structure your content layout by making a list or using a spreadsheet. You should optimize the following components:
    1. The Title Page
      • Include your keyword in the Title of the page.
    2. Meta Description
      • Write a brief description of the context of the page, include your keyword.
    3. URL
      • Include your keyword in your URL (address of the website page)
    4. H1 (Header) copy
      • Announce the context of your page here including your, yes you've got it, keyword
    5. Content
      • Address  your audience here and write about the subject of your page. Make sure you include your keyword; however it's very important to speak to the audience in a way that they will find beneficial. The search engines will like this.
    6. Links
      • Got another page that mentions this subject, or perhaps a blog post or article you've written? Here's a good place to include this link, and be sure your give meta data to the link referencing your keyword.
    7. Images
      • Name your image and be sure it mentions your keyword
    8. Call-to-Action 'buttons'
      • Include the keyword when describing the alt tag and title tag of this image.
    9. Tags
      • Be sure to categorize your page by including keywords in the meta information or if you're creating a blog post, in the description reference tag.
    10. Summary
      • Wrap it up here and again, include your keyword.

Formulas exist that may define the number of times you might mention your keyword, where you might include it and why; however, the most relevant and highly important reason for including the keyword you want to rank for is so that the search engines read it and determine trhat indeed your page is exactly what you're claiming it is.

Most important is that your viewer, having searched for information, will find relevant information pertaining to this keyword when visiting your website page.

This makes for great viewer satisfaction and the search engines like it when searchers choose them again when entering a new query. Keep in mind that this is what matters most today.

Do keep in mind that it will take many months for the page to mature and rank. Be professional, be consistent and be patient. You may want to consider a Search Marketing advertising campaign to boost your business first. Both SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for organic search results compliment each other. 

Here are a few blogposts that might give you food for thought on Best Practices in On-Page Search Engine Optimization.
Click here for my blog post on 5 Not-So-Easy steps to optimizing your website. And another on website design and why this all matters.

Happy Reading...

We'd love to hear your comments, and if we can help, let us know!
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Learn more about Bonnie B's marketing strategies for small business

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