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Are All Brands Created Equal? A Lesson In Marketing and Confusion

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel

Jan 22, 2016 1:21:54 PM




A funny thing happened to me this morning as I was doing some daily shopping on Amazon.

Because I spend the majority of my days (and nights...and weekends...) in front of 3 large computer monitors designing websites, updating social media and creating marketing plans for small businesses like mine, I do everything online.

I'm a marketer, and a small business owner and because I wear those hats and have the extra added loveliness of life just getting in the way, I have little time and less desire to frequent malls or even local shops. And I do firmly believe that there are more people like me that live that life.

And, so, to that end, I typically browse and click. This morning; however, while ordering some stationery items for our office and purchases for our contracting company's generator maintenance clients, I realized I also needed toothpaste for our home, and because I'm a big fan of one-stop shopping I decided to choose a toothpaste to add to my cart. 

Well...herein lies the confusion, and mind you, we're only 2 adults in our home, as our daughters have grown up and have their own shopping needs and toothpaste dilemmas!

Amazon has a great marketing deal, called "Add On" items. It's almost as if you're saying to a client or prospective customer: "As long as we're here....we can...." And so, there are choices for 1 tube, 2 tubes, mult-packs. with fluoride, mouthwash, whitening agents, peroxide, all natural, minty, gel and more...

And so, I sat there, confused, staring at my large 27" monitor and couldn't immediately decide which brand or type of toothpaste appealed most to me. Was it the name brand? The packaging? The price? Did I care more about whitening my teeth, keeping my breath fresh, protecting my gums, avoiding cavities, strengthening my enamel? And I had the desire and limited focus to leave the decision to what was in front of me. I had no time to research the merits of toothpaste. Not today, not on a Friday and well... not ever. So I rely on the website and it's reputation that is in front of me.

The same kind of queries apply to every product, nearly every industry and become a dilemma for the online shopper, searcher, querier, and ultimately for the small business owner. And, that's where we marketers come in...with honesty and integrity we are charged with listening to our client's needs as they attempt to explain their goals. 

In a clear, concise manner, with professional experience and thought, we are charged with the task of bringing a concept to reality and helping drive traffic and thus business to your door or website. A clear marketing strategy should be your first stop on the road trip to successful marketing. With the end goal of satisfying your audience and knowing they'll come back for more.

Are you ready jump in the car, buckle up and drive home a successful marketing plan for your small business?

Bonnie B offers a free marketing evaluation of your small business.

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