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Defining Your Website Design: Are You Subtle or Bold?

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel

Feb 3, 2014 10:48:00 PM

Is your website design subtle or bold? Are you loud or silent?

What kind of impression does your website give? Does your website have a design style?

First impressiona count when it comes to website design.   peacock

It's snowing today in New Jersey and I'm inspired by the beauty of total white from the top of the sky to the white covered ground. There is a sort of serenity and solitude watching the snow fall.

But then, the thought of the beauty of a peacock entered my mind and caused me to think of the strength of the colors enhancing the characteristic of the bird, one of grand appearance that causes you to watch every movement and creates intrigue.

Funny how nature causes you to think and relate to so many other things. At least that's what it did for me today.

How does this apply to the design of your website? It's all about how your website reflects who you are.
Ready? I hoped you'd say yes!

Let's get more granular in our approach to your website style. 

White is pure, calming, serene, sophisticated and simple. Yet, it allows something important to stand out juxtaposed against the simplicity of it's non-color, white. The perfect backdrop for a multitude of shapes, colors and feelings. (If you recall the movie 'Schindler's List' there was a brilliant scene shot in black and white that focused on a small female child wearing a red coat. The coat was the only color on the screen in that scene. It made a huge statement!) So, color makes a difference and the diametric opposition speaks volumes.

A peacock struts in all its beauty and glory and makes its presence known immediately with strong and vibrant colors...that continue to draw you in. The animal itself creates a feeling of strength, independence, royalty and grandeur. 

And yet, both images are strong. And, give you pause to reflect and quest to learn more.
Appealing to the viewer's visual senses, now is your opportunity to draw the viewer in further with some relevant content. 

Creating a website is similar in approach. Let's break this down a bit and give it some thought:

When you set out to design a website, you try to create a floorplan, a pathway to bring a potential viewer in and gently convince him/her to delve deeper and learn more. Traveling through your website, taking a moment to read, skim, glance and peruse, one might find something that peaks interest.

How do we achieve great website design?

  • Design a color palette that works well together.
    • If you prefer a monochromatic look choose an accent color which could be shades of white or black to draw attention to an item that you want to stand out. 
    • Emphasize your points in this manner, and they will shine.
    • Perhaps you like bright rainbow colors or soothing pastels, hot summer colors. Be sure you don't make your website design too busy or distracting as you'll likely lose your customer in the chaos.
  • Create a flow chart or layout in outline form that would take the viewer on a journey.
    • Make sure your page tells a story so that the viewer finds what he/she is looking for and follows it to a possile solution or idea.
  • Be sure to sprinkle some details, interesting facts, images and opportunities.
  • Hold the viewer's attention.  
    • Give the reader more, weave some more interest into the conversation.
  • Allow the viewer to interact by providing a form to complete or a quesionnaire.
    • Provide an E-Book, special offer, valuable insights or discounts on your services.
    • Make connecting with you worth it.
  • Design a well-thought-out 'thank you process'.
    • Follow-up with your prospect. Maybe they're not ready to move, just yet.
  • Keep your website fresh, add content and solicit opinions allowing your viewers to suggest content

So you see, the adage "You can't judge a book by it's cover..." can be true, but you certainly wouldn't pick up a book if the cover didn't attract you in some way, would you?

Would love to hear your thoughts.
Until next time, 

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