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How to Write an Inspiring Blog Post

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel

Mar 28, 2014 5:44:00 PM


Writing a blog post can be stressful, easy or fun depending on your mindset.


Put on your thinking caps and let's get started...



In trying to explain to a colleague why I blog, and why he should, too, I found myself thinking about the many reasons that one might not want to blog. And, so, I pondered... Time restraints, lack of inspiration and writing skills aside, I couldn't think of a good reason. But the reality is, that many people just don't know how to sit in front of a computer and put their thoughts into words, and so, the birth of this blogpost.

But not only do you have to want to blog, but you have to have a good grasp on blogging. 

So, grab a cup of coffee and let's talk about the steps you can take to craft a blog post that will hold your reader's attention and have them coming back for more. 

  1. Choose your topic carefully.
    • If you sell shoes and know that red is a hot color, talk about red shoes only. Don't bring other styles or colors into the mix, it will only serve as a source of confusion.
  2. Stay focused. It's hard to write when you're watching TV, on the phone or otherwise distracted. 
    • Turn off the noise and disconnect for a while.
  3. Don't write as if you were completing an application, writing an essay, or article, that's not what blogging is about. Write as if you're having a conversation, and one that hopefully will be continued.
  4. Read, re-read, and re-read again. Check your blog post to catch errors.
    • As a matter of fact, I find it very helpful to read  blog posts out loud as often you become unable to see an error because you wrote it and have looked at it so many times, but hearing it allows you to pick up a mistake that you might otherwise miss.
  5. Don't over-exaggerate your punctuation or the size of your text. Often people feel the point will come across better with multiple exclamation points or huge font size.
    • Avoid this and let the content speak for itself.
  6. Remember to write as if you were talking directly to the reader.
    • This is the actual purpose of consumer-friendly, non-salesy, informative blogging. Be friendly. 
  7. Be sure to create a catchy title, but also be sure that it is relevant to your blog post content.
  8. Be honest...don't embellish, don't lie. You're well within rights to give your opinion, but make sure what you say accurate.
  9. Write when you're inspired.
    • Remember that saying "Can't think...brain numb, inspiration won't come..."
  10. Reinforce your post.
    • Talk about it through social media:
    • Tweet about it and Post it to Facebook
    • Let your colleagues know about it on LinkedIn
    • Refer back to it from web pages on your website
    • Include it in a newsletter
    • Email it to clients. 
    • Keep the conversation going!

Once your blog post is complete and you've checked it, double checked it and read it out-loud, publish it.

Hesitation brings forth a whole other quandary. 'Was it good enough? Succinct? Boring? and so on...'

Don't try to fill space with empty words, make your point and move on.

Here's a blog post I wrote not too long ago that may give you some more inspiration. Try this one, too!

And, be sure to insert a 'call-to-action' of some sort.

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