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Page Content and Success: Semantics and SEO...

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel

May 23, 2016 10:28:14 AM



How to increase your chance at being found online in today's world of search. 

Why search rules are ever-changing and what you should do about it...
 defines the word semantics as:

a. the study of meaning.
b. the study of linguistic development by classifying and examining changes in meaning and form.
So, what does that really mean and why, you might ask, am I evening metioning this, you might ask?
If you were disputing the understanding in a conversation with a friend, your debeate might begin with "You're talking semantics". In other words, it was nearly subject to interpretation.
Often you'll hear two people debating, and one might say "the difference between your position and mine is just a matter of semantics."
Google uses synonyms in determining relevant search. Thus choosing search terms because more and more important if you're engaging in a Paid advertising campaign (PPC).

Having largely abandoned traditional cold calling and other marketing efforts of bygone days, marketers and business owners want to be found online.
And, it seems every week the best way to accomplish that goal is participate in the ever-changing world of search. Recognizing that fact is the easier part...Figuring out how to do that is the harder part. 

And, while the field has become highly populated, there are some companies that are returning to that idea of 'cold-calls'. Do you really have time for that? And/or do you have the payroll for overhead expenses to be spent on a campaign that might not produce?

With telephone directories (you remember the good ol' Yellow Pages' don't you?) becoming obsolete, anyone with a computer, tablet or smart phone queries searches multiple times each day. 
Thus, the importance of having website pages rich in relevant keywords so that your would-be customers find you easily.

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