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Staying Focused when Writing a Blog Post

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel

Jan 23, 2014 1:31:00 PM

Writing a blog post is hard enought without the distractions that surround us. 



Here are a few thoughts on creating an atmosphere for creativity when you sit down to write your next blog post... 

In a perfect scenario, you've started your day and after setting up at  your desk you pour that all-important cup of coffee and wait for the cartoon light bulb to appear above your head. 

What?! it doesn't appear just by conjuring up that thought? UH-OH! How will I write that blog post that I committed to? So you start wracking your not-very-awake brain. Remember that old rhyme? "Can't think, brain numb...inspiration won't come, no ink...bad pen, good luck, amen!" (OK, I'm dating myself a bit, but it's something I remember my mother saying when I was younger.)

While it may be corny, it's true. You can't force creativity. But, by the same token, in order for your creativity to blossom you have to have resolve. Blog posts are meant to provide information for searchers, followers of your blog and to attract visitors to your website. So, you want to optimize your blog posts with keywords that prospective visitors may use to search.

So how do you write a effective blog post, filled with savvy, smarts and style?

Here's a few pointers...

  1. Silence your cell phone
    1. It's unlikely that a catastrophe will occur in an hour's time
  2. Close your email
    1. For just a short while, yes I know it's hard, put up an auto reply message
  3. Find a topic that is relevant to your business 
    1. Do your research or build a conversation around something that you're passionate about
    2. Be sure to sprinkle your content with appropriate keywords
  4. Decide if you want to be humorous, glib or informative
    1. Start writing...while you're thinking and set a tone to your words
    2. Read and re-read your words and be sure what the readers "hears" will deliver
  5. Focus 
    1. No one knows better than I can easily get distracted. Today you have to be an expert juggler just to get through one day

Distractions will move you off the mark and there's no doubt you'll lose your concentration. It's easy to drift away from your intended topic.

So, in the words of famed and favorite songwriters, John Mayer and Paul McCartney,  "Say, Say Say..." "...what you mean to say." Put some time in to what you want to relay and commit to spreading your message. And isolate yourself for the time you create your next post. You may find this blog post useful.

Stay in touch! 



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