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The Ever-Changing Landscape of Small Business Marketing

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel

Jan 30, 2014 2:27:00 PM



 Small Business Marketing Strategies are ever-changing...

Here's why and what you should do about it...



The expression 'the more things change, the more they stay the same definitely does NOT apply to marketing.  

Often the correct steps to identify your target customer is not applied, and that is huge. It's like speaking a foreign language. 

So what steps to you take to remedy this problem and why does it occur? Let's understand a few things first:

    • Not everyone likes the same color shoe, the same flavor ice cream, the same style of furniture.
    • As consumer tastes change, so too, do the marketing strategies that put those products or services in front of them
    • Additionally, in the stages of buying, a small business may have to adjust their parameters to meet demand
      • What excatly does that mean?
      • A product or service hits the market  and goes through 4 stages:
        • introduction
        • growth
        • maturity
        • decline
    • Knowing when to get on or off the train is key here and how to adapt to the schedule
    • For example: 
      • Manufacturing of a drug or medical produt is governed by a Board. Comply, or else
      • If there's a change in how the item must be packaged, the manufacturer must adopt the change
    • Social Media has become huge in promoting new trends
      • Did you buy your ticket for this train?
    • Sometimes the next "new" thing becomes old before it has a chance to mature. It's sometimes that simple. It just doesn't make it. 
    • Build your website for the user...start and end there.
    • Build a user-friendly website
    • Be sure to have a website that can be accessed by a smart phone or tablet.

So how does a small business owner stay ahead of the curve?

One of my clients unhappily posed that question to me. In more words than that, he went of to tell me how unfair it is that things change daily. I told him, "It is what it is" which is why smart marketers have to be educated and have their nose to the ground.

So how do you know what works best?

Somtimes it's as simple as trial and error, and putting yourself in the position that your client would be in.

How would he/she react to a promotion or product or service?
So one might think that you have to buy a variety of movie tickets to decide which show you liked better.
Buy a shoe in black, and maybe it might work in your wardrobe in white, brown, gold or, who knows?

Sometimes you just have to try it on.Change your marketing strategy a bit. Add something new. 

Sample that ice cream at Costco, and turn your cart around and buy some.

OR, you can speak with an expert and develop a strategy. 

How can we help you today?

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Learn more about Bonnie B's marketing strategies for small business

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