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Website Readability: Do You Make Sense or Are You Saying Too Much?

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel

Feb 8, 2014 9:34:00 AM

Does-your-website-make-a-point-or-are-your-words-gobbleygookHow impactful are the words on your website and other marketing materials? 



It's great to have a forum, a soapbox, on which you can take a stand and make a point...but don't waste your words.



Put a clever person in front of a computer keyboard and plant a thought in that person's head and you never know what will happen. Writer's block, confusion, distraction, so many things come in to play as we attempt to make a point. Sometimes, successfully...other times...well, sadly, not.

Seemingly intent on sharing a viewpoint, or perhaps sufficiently stirred, the writer wants to speak his or her mind. And so, with 'pen in hand' (ok....fingers pointed to the keyboard as it were) the writer starts pecking away and begins to make a point. We hope...

Let's say you sell ties. Your website "The Tie Expert" professes to have not only the largest inventory of ties in a multitidue of colors, but portrays you, the owner, as someone who knows everything there is to know about ties including but not limited to the history, design origin, fashion trends, fabric content, color pallettes of ties,  and the list goes on and on.

OK, you've now said it all. But, have you?

In an effort to convince the viewer, you take a stand and, bullet point by bullet point attempt to list the attributes of ties and show the reader that you really know what you're talking about.

How many pages has that taken? In theory, you could create an entire website on that topic, or translate any other topic, item or service and do the same. But becoming redundant should be the focus. In other words, website content mattersm and your website readability is key.

The internet is a marketplace without borders. Invariably there is somenone searching for something you sell, provide or do, and the beauty of search enginges is that the query marries the match when websites have been built and promoted properly.

So then, simply stated, 'You want it? We got it!' <SIGH> if it were only that easy.
And do you know when you've adequately stated your case? And do you know when it's time to stop talking?

So, let's suppose for a moment that someone is indeed looking for a tie. They want the absolute best tie they can find for a specific occasion. The tie should be well-made, attractive, of good quality, and of course, carry a "great" price tag. Should be easy to convey, right?

Well, no...not really. And why, you ask? Good question!
Your game plan now is how to attract the viewer's attention, keep him or her on your webpage, and avoid that dreaded 'back button'. How do you do that?

  • Quality content
  • Clear and precise images
  • Detailed and accurate information
  • Transparent purchase instructions

Anything else becomes an extra in terms of content. Customer reviews about your product or services hold alot of weight and are sometjhing that today's educated clients look for. But be wary of falling into the trap of trying to do too much. Flash animations, moving parts, loud colors, distractions, sales, discounts, special offers and more can definitelty be helpful, but too much together can cause a viewer to close out of your site screaming and running in another direction. Clearly something you want to avoid.

So, choose your words carefully. Say what you mean to say. Write, save, return, review and review some more. Check out this blog post, you might find it helpful. And, if you need help in driving traffic to your website, let us know.

Hope this helps!

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Topics: Website Readability

Learn more about Bonnie B's marketing strategies for small business

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