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Non-Profit-Houses of Worship 

In order to bring our synagogue up to date in the world of technology, Bonnie designed and created a very comprehensive and beautiful website for us. The site truly reflects who we are as a community. Our synagogue is much more than simply a spiritual home for our 940 families. It functions like a community center that offers a vast array of social events, social action projects, leadership opportunities, and educational programming for all ages and stages. In addition, we have a Religious School and Early Childhood Prorgram with an extended day program. 

As part of this huge undertaking, Bonnie literally worked night and day to make sure our professional staff office staff volunteers and lay-leaders were stakeholders in the process and had input in the information that was incorporated on the site.

She paid attention to every detail of design, layout and importantly search engine optimization.  She advised us taught us the importance of having a website that our members could go find any information needs on the site and stressed the importance of keeping it up to date.

When Bonnie takes on a job of any type, she is diligent, efficient, responsible and insures that the job is done properly! Now, several years later, I am so pleased to say that our website has become a focal point to everything that we offer. A tribute to the incredible work Bonnie did for us.   Esther Kartus, Past PresidentCongregation Agudath Israel Caldwell, NJ_

Home Remodelers

I had been thinking about redoing our website for quite some time.  SEO  didn’t exist when our site was built.  Interviewing different companies proved frustrating and involved a significant amount of time. One by one other providers were eliminated because they didn’t fit within my criteria or their solution wasn’t what I was looking for.  

I met Bonnie from Bonnie B., LLC and we discussed the issues with the site and what she could do for us.  After about an hour, I knew that Bonnie had the forward-thinking mentality that I was looking for along with the knowledge to build our new site on a platform that would allow for continuous growth.

Bonnie was very patient with me during the initial content gathering and research phase of the project. I couldn’t allocate as much time to her since we were busy trying to run our business.  Bonnie would follow up periodically and collect more information and continue with the design.  

She is always learning as much as she can.  For example, Bonnie became HubSpot certified in August 2013 and will be obtaining additional certifications in the future. As the Internet landscape changes, she’s consistently making suggestions to keep us ahead of our competition. 

I couldn’t be happier with the way the site turned out.  The layout is clean and easy to read along with having a nice graphical image behind the page to add to the site.  I now have the tools to see how much traffic the site is generating very easily with HubSpot’s reporting capabilities.  

Bonnie and I are now discussing the social media aspect our business and will be implementing that in the near future.  Our online presence will expand greatly and will lead to additional business, which I am excited about since a good portion of our business comes from the Internet.   I highly recommend Bonnie B!  David Caputo - G&L and Sons Renovations, LLC

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