Bonnie B, LLC - Marketing Strategiess for Small Businesses
Bonnie B Small Business Marketing is Bzzzzy for You!

How do You Look?

You're busy running your business and sometimes the forest gets in the way of the trees. Have you stepped back and taken a look at what your company looks like to your clients and prospects?

Is there something catchy about your logo? Your colors? Your website?
If your company message is lacking in uniformity, you're missing on branding your small business. 

Branding your small business...Why?

Your business needs a strong online presence, and, here's why. Competition in every industry is fierce.
But today, that's not enough. Your businesses "look" should be consistent across multiple platforms in everything you say and everything you do. Your colors, logo, tag line, stationary, uniforms (if you're a service company) and any other marketing components should resemble one another. 

Bonnie B can help with branding your small business, giving it a cohesive, fresh new look to your website and all of your marketing collateral. 

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What We Do...

After our initial consultation and a determination of your goals and budget, we create a strategy and timeline. 

Branding your small business with a marketing campaign that has the same feel and look across all platforms, we can...

  • Design, build & manage your website
  • Modify/Update website content
    • Ready to upload by your administrator
  • Create fresh website content for you
  • Develop your marketing 'personas' 
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Posts
  • Article Writing
  • Search Engine Marketing (Pay-Per-Click Advertising) 
If you're looking for a way to bring more relevance to your message,and want your website to 'show up online first'. We should talk about branding your small business. 


How We Do It...

  •'re always working? We're always thinking!
  • Advertising online through platforms such as Google's AdWords © program takes a keen eye, patience and perseverance. The key is 'say who you are and be or do what you say'. And use the same words.
  • Compliment your PPC presence with organic search results built on properly optimized web pages.
  • Design and create quarterly, annual or seasonal mailings with the same branded color theme and logos.
  • Compose relevant articles distributed to online sites highlighting your product or services for greater search engine results. 
  • Create blog posts with relevant images and selected keywords about the products or services your business offers. 
  • Design and distribute color coordinated monthly newsletters keeping your name in front of your audience.

As a small business owner, you want your company's name in front of your existing customers and prospective audience all the time. And the look and feel of all marketing efforts should be branded in the same manner.

We hope you'll make us your 'go-to' source for branding your small business, website content, design or updates and all your small business marketing needs.