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How's business?

There's not a business owner alive that doesn't want more customers and more business. 

But, how to go about it remains in question:

  • Old habits die hard
    • Human nature is to repeat what we're used to doing
  • "It's worked all these years..."
    • Change is not always easy to embrace
  • "if it ain't broke...don't fix it."
    • Again...historical repetition of the same practices

Maybe it's time for a new marketing strategy for your small business!

Smart Marketing for your small business.


Smart Marketing

Fact: business owners want customers. Why? Obvious gain popularity, build reputation, sell a product or service,  be profitable and successful. 

What is Smarketing?

Smarkteting is a term created when sales and marketing align. So that no matter what stage of decision-making your client or prospect is at, your marketing efforts should support your sales efforts. A great example of SMARKETING would be increasing your website traffic in the next quarter as compared to the last quarter.

In creating a smart marketing plan, your focus is gaining customers. 

But,  gaining customers is not enough, you have to keep them happy.
How do you do that?  

  • Attract - bring strangers to your doorstep: Your website, brick and mortar store or a Contact Form
  • Convert - Step#2 turn these visitors into leads.
  • Close -  Roll up your sleeves, get to work and turn your leads into customers.
  • Delight - Keep your customers happy. Treat each return visit or business opportunity with an existing customer as if they were brand new... Please your customers consistently and repeatedly!

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