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Bio: Bonnie B. Fertel

A native New Jerseyan, Bonnie is the owner, with her husband, Richard, (business partner, husband of more than 40 years, and best friend by far) of two small businesses ( including Bornstein Sons,  NJ home contractors offering service and installations since 1928.)  

Her mantra: "I wish there were 36 hours in the day, I'd put them all to good use."...Don't be surprised if you get an email from Bonnie at 3:00am...ask her clients!  Work later!

Bonnie designed, created and produced more than a dozen commemorative fundraising journals for non-profit organizations and has, over several decades, filled multple volunteer positions including  'Reach to Recovery' with the American Cancer Society and is a strong supporter of AIPAC. 

Bonnie has written many articles for Ezine Articles  (where she has achieved Expert Author status) and GoArticles.

With a command of words and an eye for design, content and appearance matter to Bonnie, her own and her client's. And yours will matter, too!

Her design expertise includes, but is not limited to, home decor design and a love of all things beautiful. Some of her passions include her family,  the beauty of flowers, serene moments enjoying her koi pond,  the art of watercolors and religious study, oh, and yes, of and all that stuff!  

Summer of 2014: Some of Bonnie's Original Watercolors were displayed at a Juried Exhibition at Studio Montclair, NJ. 

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A watercolor by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel
A watercolor by Bonnie captures the beauty of Hydrangeas



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