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Improve Your Search Rank Position 
So, you have a website...Now what?      

Improve your search engine ranking...Better traffic...More visits...Increased Profits

Business cards can be distributed through friends, colleagues, relatives and at peer group meetings. Door-to-Door marketing no longer exists. Mailing Lists? Cold Calls? Outbound marketing? No way! There's so much more to do...

The internet allows businesses to be found when a search query is entered into one of the engines that continually sweep the web. How do you improve your search engine ranking? Let's talk about that for a moment. 

One of the best ways to improve your search engine ranking and position online is to create relevant content directed to your services. The user experience is "key" and in creating a page, keep the viewer in mind first and foremost. Your website design and continually growing build out of pages should always start with the user in mind and end with the user in mind. 

What is a search engine?   search_engines

Webopedia says:

Search engines are programs that look for web pages on the internet using specified keywords and returns a list of  where the keywords were found.

According to

A search engine is a program for the retrieval of data, files, or documents from a database or network, especially the Internet.

Google, the leader in online search, has set standards in the way they display search engine results, in order to create a better user experience and retrieve the most relevant information to match with a users 'query', making the process of search a satisfying experience.

So how do you to optimize your site and improve your search engine ranking so that you'll show up first?  
Glad you asked!

Bonnie B can help you rank better with search engines by creating content pages, optimized for the viewer and today's most relevant search queries. Speak directly to your audience. Improve your position online by applying a small business marketing strategy across multiple platforms. 

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