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Objective: Design a new website that would properly display items created by Precious Heirlooms and allow for a shopping experience. 



Precious Heirlooms

Precious Heirlooms designs and creates custom Judaic ritual objects including Tallit (prayer shawls), Chuppahs (Wedding Canopies), Kippot (head coverings), Ark Curtains, Reader's Table Covers and Torah Covers for temples and synagogues and Tallitot for clergy. In addition, Precious Heirlooms designs Sancutaries coordinating art with these objects. Owner and designer, Renee Savitz is known throughout the country as well as internationally. 


Judaic items, customized Sanctuary design and artwork (see above)  


Renee Savitz has spent many years travelling to gift shows and conventions throughout the USA,. With the launch of this new website Precious Heirlooms will be able to reach customers near and far. Precious Heirlooms  maintains an inventory of fabrics and trims and can also create memorable heirloom items by using a family's collection of fabrcis, restoring tallit and chuppot handed down and more...


Precious Heirlooms previous website lacked organization and did not allow for any type of commerce or ordering process. 

  • There was no feasable way to create an "at home" shopping experience with Precious Heirloom's previous website. Carefully constructed photo galleries allow prospective clients a way to see what items are offered.
  • Easy interest forms allow for a prospective client to select a design.
    • This process allows a continued conversation and the initiation of an order.
    • Clever tidbits of information and explanation provide answers for often asked questions.

Future plans are in place to create a blog to engage prospective clients and continue the conversation about these items.

A managed Pay-Per-Click campaign is under discussion and being considered for the future.