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Objective: Design a website with easy access for a local small business. Introduce the benefit of blogging and social media to create customer interaction


Oganize Your Space - Organize Your Life, LLC.


Home and Business services
Organize kitchens, children's rooms, playrooms, home offices, storage, dressing rooms/walk-in closets and more.


Getting a new business off the ground is tough particularly in the northern NJ area. Marilyn Shain Labendz thrives on home and business owners "messes". Give Marilyn a tough project and she's on it...


Bonnie designed and created Organizing Your Space - Organize Your Life LLC's websitemakiing it easy for customers to navigate and communicate with Marilyn. Paticular emphasis was placed on blogging, which Bonnie interprets as a friendly way to speak directly to your prospective clients and share ideas on worthy and relevant topics. 

  • Emphasis was placed on viral marketing strategies through social networking sites such as Facebook, with plans to expand to Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus in the future.
  • Weekly blog posts allow for creative suggestions with the hopes that this friendly communication will entice the reader to contact the company.
    • Through this exposure, clients get to know Marilyn and the services she offers.
  • Plans are in place as the business grows to established a customer satisfaction follow-up program after first-time service and a customer referral programs, in a continuing effort to improve customer experience.