Bonnie B, LLC - Marketing Strategiess for Small Businesses
Bonnie B Small Business Marketing is Bzzzzy for You!

Bonnie B, LLC

is a boutique marketing company specializing in marketing for small businesses. With decades of experience in the service industry, particularly in the areas of HVAC, (air conditioning and heating) and plumbing businesses, we know how to attract, please and retain delighted customers. 

With a first-hand understanding of how a small business works, we know how your prospective customers think and act when they need you. This experience can be applied to any type of business, service or product, beginning with your website, but not ending there. 

Previously serving as a contributing editor for several local sites in New Jersey Bonnie knows how to 'talk the talk'. She has been a guest blogger for different companies, nationwide, with large online presences.

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Marketing Strategies...

  • Be ready-Have what your client wants
  • Be mindful of your customer's needs
  • Be accessible and available
  • Be able to deliver!
  • Less stress and more time?
  • Improved search results?
  • To 'show up online first'?

We can ...

  • Design an effective marketing plan for you
  • Help potential clients find you more easily
  • Optimize your website for search engines
  • Create continuous fresh website content
  • Plan promotions and special offers
  • Develope a blog and manage posts
  • Send newsletters to your clients and prospects
  • Keep your social conversations going
  • Write articles relevant to your industry highlighting you

Interested in digging in and keeping your hands on the pulse of your business? 

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Why Bonnie B?

Bonnie B, LLC was founded with the express desire and interest of promoting and mastering online presence for the small business owner.

Managing large Pay-Per-Click campaigns since 2008, Bonnie's experience provides the intuitive knowledge of putting together what the consumer is looking for.  


Well-versed in website creation, and having totally reconstructed and designed many websites as well as modifying layout and updating existing website content, she's got her hand on the pulse of website content and what it takes to interest the viewer. 

Bonnie combines on-page and off-page optimization, social media and blogging. "You have to know how to connect the dots." Marketing starts with a thought,  builds a strategic plan and never ends. It's a looped process!

A complete package ties together your efforts, brands your company and solidifies your campaigns. 

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