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Implementing a marketing strategy doesn't come overnight. There are many steps that should be taken to realize small business marketing success. Often an increase of traffic will come from new innovations. Here is some news on recent marketing news we've been involved in. 

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Mobile Case Study


July 23, 2013
A Case Study: Bornstein Sons, Inc.
Mobile Website         

Smartphone search increases exponentially by the moment. A mobile website is a must. Typically most websites don't translate well on a mobile device...the beauty of a custom mobile site is priceless!

In an interview by DudaMobile, Bonnie discussed the success of Bornstein Sons mobile website and how it allows prospective and exisiting customers to reach them 'on the go'. You can read about the case study here.

Mobile Website Design Award

Bornstein Sons mobile site has been featured as "Mobile Site of the Week" by DudaMobile.

July 6, 2012:
DudaMobile has chosen Bornstein Sons' mobile website as Site of the Week"
Mobile Website Design by Bonnie B, LLC

WHY? We're glad you asked:

"We like it because: The detailed customization of this site truly gives users the ultimate mobile experience! Everything from the image-based navigation menu at the top of the site which displays the company’s services to the trimmed down content in the subpages – all elements on this site are tailored specifically for mobile.

Mobile-friendly features they use are: We were floored by the creative use of the custom images on the navigation menu. Don’t they look amazing?" Bornstein Sons' mobile site can be found at:

Google Interview

Bonnie-Bornstein-FertelBonnie manages Bornstein Sons Google AdWords campaign, along with other clients. In a recent interview by Google, Bonnie explains what it takes to 'Show Up Online First' in search result queries. During the interview, Bonnie explains what it takes.June 2012
Bonnie Bornstein Fertel highlighted in Google's Economic Impact Statement.

You can read more here...

Website Design: Bornstein Sons, Inc.

As Featured on HubSpot January 2012 Podcast (Site by Bonnie B, LLC) 

Bornstein Sons website featured on HubSpot podcast. Site Design by Bonnie B, LLC

by Garrett Guillotte and Joss Poulton

      Doin' it Right

  • Bornstein Sons has an awesome site. The homepage features a great layout, custom CTA buttons on the left, geo-targeting on the bottom, and clear workflows throughout.
    • Tip: Have a friend who has never looked at your site before perform certain tasks. Pay attention how long it takes them, and think of ways that you can make basic tasks easier (such as booking a service request).

As Josh Poulton said: "Bornstein Sons is definitely ‘Doin’ it Right!’" Website Design by Bonnie B, LLC


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